Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Wheeler Farm with Daydreams

Kaylin and Lexy went to Wheeler Farm with Debbie and the other kids from Daydreams and Things Childcare. I went along for the ride! It was fun trying to keep track of all the kids. The poor kids were reduced to numbers..okay 1,2,3,4,.....

My Little Athlete's Fun in the Sun!

Well..mostly. This is her soccer game that Aunt Adrian, Aunt Shauna, and Grandma Bond all showed up to watch!
Needless to say, with the rain and wind, Kaylin was not happy either.

The game was canceled, so instead I took a picture of her in her cute little soccer outfit.

This will be the last time I ever see her in such an outfit, as I am determined never to enroll her in competitive sports again. She whined most of the time that the "other kids" wouldn't let her have the ball! I tried to explain that was the whole POINT of the game. More than half the time on the field was spent trying to convince she really wanted to play. Maybe next time we will try dance or gymnastics!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Five Minutes

If I but had
five more minutes with you
I would have told
You of my love

I would have laughed
With you once more

I would have cried
Over your sorrow

I would have held
You in a tight hug

I would have begged
You not to go

If I could turn back
The forward moving clock
For five minutes
To be there near you

I would have changed
Those last five minutes

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Writing Therapy

When tears are not enough to ease the pain
When the heart seems full of agony and grief
When the mind cannot accept the reality
When death is the final word that was spoken

Remembering the happy times, the memories
Remembering the smiles, and the laughter
Remembering the times together, just talking
Remembering the last time I heard your voice

Knowing my love for you was not enough
Knowing that I would have been a call away
Knowing that many good times were ahead
Knowing that you chose another path instead

Sometimes you have to accept the last choice
Sometimes you have to know it was an answer
Sometimes you have to believe it was for love
Sometimes you have to say goodbye too early

Believing that this will not be the final end

Believing that a loving Savior will greet you

Believing that I will be able to see you again

Believing in the mercy of that great plan.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Failed Sestina

Okay, so here is my first ever attempt at a Sestina... a complete failure in terms of subject, but the fact that I actually was able to complete one of these is pretty spectacular. So, you might be asking...what is a sestina.

Here is what a sestina is: 6 stanzas with 6 lines each, and a final stanza with 3 lines (Yes, that is 39 lines!) The last words of each line is very important as they are repeated (in a certain order) throughout the poem.

So it looks like this:
Line 1
Line 2
Line 3
Line 4
Line 5
Line 6

THEN you use the last word of each line to complete the other stanzas... in this order (no you don't get to randomly pick the order...which was my very first few stanzas before I realized any better and had to go back and fix them... changing the poem entirely):
6 1 5 2 4 3
3 6 4 1 2 5
5 3 2 6 1 4
4 5 1 3 6 2
2 4 6 5 3 1

Last stanza has 3 lines, and each line has two each of the last words like this:
6 2
1 4
5 3

Soooo think you could do it?

24 Hours, A Day of Life

Yellow bulbs light the office room,
False brightness for no windows.
Tired eyes from the computer’s face
Close them, a moment to day dream.
Eight to five, work goes on and on,
Stealing away time, sand of my life
Going home, start my second life
Open the door to the chaotic living room
Sigh a moment, the cleaning goes on
Pick up, dust, vacuum, wash the window
And for a second, think of past dreams
The reflection in the window a wistful face
Two pairs of eyes peer from happy faces
These are my children, small loves of my life
In them I see a new beginning and dream
The dark draws near, put them in their rooms
Close their purple curtains, shut the window
Not forgetting to turn their flower night light on
Get ready for the next day, put my night gown on
Brush my teeth and hair, wash my face
Lock all the doors, check all the windows
Take a deep breath, at the end of day life
Walk down the hallway to my bed room
Turn off the light, and begin to softly dream
This is a special time, a time to dream
Forget the stress and money, my mind wanders on
White knight, happy times, palatial rooms
Long hair, perfect body, beautiful face
Everything works out in the end, fantasy life
Nothing but blue skies seen outside the window
As I turn off the alarm and look out the window
Time to get up, forget sleeping and dreams
Get out of bed, and start again to get ready for life
Wipe the sleep out of my eyes, turn the light on
Look for today’s clothes, put makeup on my face
Time to get back to work, I head out of my room
Leave the home life, one last look through the window
The rooms all filled with my hopes and my dreams,
Put a work smile on, one last look, wishfulness on my face

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Some Cute Pictures!

A cute picture of the girls sitting on the bench after we put it together...the first and last time they sat on it!

And of course, when Tanner and Kaylin are together, they are being naughty. What is wrong with putting sand all in the doll house??Dress up time! Tanner wants to wear the hair of course!
Playing mommy and daddy!Well, that is one way to make sure you have a spare pair of panties...
And a darn cute one of Weston!

Yuba Park!

We are so glad it is finally summer!! Time to get out and enjoy the outdoors. This was our first camping trip of the year. We went to Yuba State Park. Which was great for the beach and water play... but we had the hardest spot of gravel for camping. I was up at 4:30 AM that morning, and my girls were up by 6:30. Which was the perfect time to wake Auntie Adrian to come play with us!!
This is us learning how to fish. Dept of Natural Resources was teaching the kids how to fish and they gave Kaylin and Lexy their very own fishing pole.

Of course, the pole was bigger than Lexy!

Kaylin whacked several innocent bystanders with her weapon...*cough* fishing pole. But we had a lot of fun!Even I caught my very first fish!! I even used a real worm on my hook! eeewwwy! (Don't mind the silly grin, I was probably more excited than the kids to catch my first fish)

And of course all the fun on the beach!
We forgot to put a swim diaper on Lexy and so by the end of the day her diaper was dragging her poor bum down.However, the story ends unhappily... We all ended up with the worst sunburns and had to beg Grandma and Grandpa Anderson to let us stay the night in Oak City!